Mr. Karoshi is a Japanese businessman who is tired of it all, help him end his life

Mr. Karoshi is just tired of it all, the long hours and endless monotony of each day. Let’s all help Mr. Karoshi end his life in the self-named title, Karoshi coming from YoYo Games. YoYo Games just recently started supporting Android with their Game Maker software and now we see what appears to be the first title heading to Android.

To our knowledge, this will be the first (of many) YoYo Games title to hit the Android Market after they recently announced that their drag-and-drop game development suite, Game Maker, would start supporting Android game development.

In this game, you’re goal is to help Mr. Karoshi end his life each stage to move onto the next. Each stage is more challenging then the last one and you’ll have to solve the puzzles in order to succeed in killing Mr. Karoshi. With 50 levels of gameplay, it will take most people a fair amount of time to complete this game.


“Karoshi is a highly original puzzle platformer series that has been quite the phenomenon in its browser form. Its dark humour and distinctive take on the platform puzzle genre has already helped it to amass a large following of fans online.”  Sandy Duncan, CEO, YoYo Games, comments. He adds, “We’re overjoyed to be launching Karoshi for iOS and Android devices, and bringing the mind-bending challenge of helping Mr Karoshi end his life (in fifty ways) to entirely new audiences.”

Featuring a unique style of platform-puzzler gaming and the obvious original concept, Karoshi seems to be a pretty solid debut title from YoYo Games onto the Android Market by the sounds of it. You can go play the original version of the Karoshi game over at the YoYo Games portal. You’ll be able to grab this game Feb. 9th, 2011 for $2.00 off the Android Market.

Finally a game where dieing pays off!

Developer Website: YoYo Games

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