Mr. Wave, a sentient microwave who lives in the Kitchen Republic, will be coming soon

An interesting Kerby-esque type of platformer will be heading out way soon called Mr. Wave. Developed by Actos Games, this particular indie title features Mr. Wave who happens to be a living microwave in the land of the Kitchen Republic. One day the president of the republic is kidnapped by the folks over in Gourmet City and it is up to you, playing as Mr. Wave, to rescue him.

Mr. Wave features some retro-style graphics and the gameplay is pretty simple to master. Moving around is done with an on-screen d-pad while jumping and shooting will be done with on-screen buttons. Speaking of shooting, in order to shoot at enemies, you have to actually suck them into yourself and cook them. Once they are cooked, you an shoot out the cooked remains. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Unfortunately we don’t have too many other details right now about how many levels it will come with or anything like that and there is no solid release date for Mr. Wave for its Android release. When it does launch, it will also be available for iOS and PC as well. Until then though we do have a short gameplay video to check out below to watch our microwave hero cook and apple.

Website Referenced: ModDB

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