MU Archangel Gets Holy Armor Curse Marking, Mount Awakening, and More in its Latest Content Update

MU Archangel, the popular mobile MMORPG from Webzen, is just about to get a massive content update, consisting of Holy Armor Curse Marking, Curse Forge, Mount Awakening, and more. 

For the uninitiated, MU Archangel is the latest mobile spin-off of MU Online, the classic Korean desktop MMORPG that first hit the internet airwaves all the way back in 2001.

Gameplay-wise, this sprawling RPG sees you exploring the vast MU continent while taking on bosses, attacking dungeons, and levelling up your character. 

You can join a guild, too, benefiting from the miracle of cooperation as you lay waste to your enemies in the single-player campaign, PvE, and PvP. 

The new Holy Armor Curse Marking feature lets you reach a higher level, with new slots unlocking as your Holy Armor rises through the ranks. You can unlock Curse’s Core for each slot, too, by completing the sub-quest for each rank. 

The Curse Forge, meanwhile, allows you to increase Default Option and obtain a special Curse Option. You level-up your Curse Forge with Curse’s Core, and once you reach a certain level you’ll unlock special Curse Options. 


Curse Infusion lets you promote Curse Forge using Shaman’s Heart. This in turn helps you to promote Holy Armor Curse Marking to a higher rank. And that dramatically increases Default Option and Curse Option. 

Plus, once you’ve promoted all of your Holy Armor Curse Marking to Unique grade or above you can obtain a powerful Curse Skill. This gets stronger as you increase the grade of your Holy Armor Curse Marking. 

And once you’ve got two or more Holy Armor Curse Marking up to Unique grade, or you’ve met a range of alternative conditions, the Curse Resonance Effect goes live. 

Away from Curse-related content, MU Archangel has also added a new Mount Awakening feature. This lets you awaken certain Mounts to improve their skin and increase their strength.

Awakening a Mount also lets you acquire Default and Eternity options, unlock new Mount skins, and gain new Property Skills. 

That equals fun – and that’s without even mentioning the swathe of in-game events including login rewards, weekly EXP buffs, special daily and weekly packages to nab, as well top up bonuses. Then there’s the Loren Festival.

So basically, you need to get involved – just head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download MU Archangel for free.

Please note that it is only available in Southeast Asian countries right now, but if you’re not in that region make sure you check out the game’s official website and Facebook page.

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