MU Archangel Gets New Orb and Myth Systems in its Latest Update

MU Archangel, the latest entry in Webzen’s popular MU series of mobile MMORPGs, has just received new Orb and Myth systems in its latest content update. 

Like its mobile predecessors MU Origin and MU Origin 2, MU Archangel is a sprawling open-world RPG that sees you picking a class, joining a guild, and killing more monsters than you can hope to count in a million lifetimes. 

Unlike those games, however, it aims to take players all the way back to the original MU Online, which hit the scene as a PC game more than 20 years ago. That means it contains iconic features like Blood Castle, Square of Devil, and Chaos Castle. 

And now, thanks to the latest update, it contains Orbs and Myths too. 

Orb content is unlocked after level 500, and you can access it via the Crown menu. There are six Orb slots, each of which you can equip with an Orb at Epic, Unique, or Legendary grade. 

Once equipped, an Orb gives you access to various options and properties, while equipping multiple Legendary grade Orbs gives you access to powerful Set options. 

Then there are the spells. Each Orb can be equipped with up to three spells, acquired through Orb Summon. Both Spells and Orbs are upgradeable, too. 

As soon as you’ve got your hands on some Orb Soul Infusing Stones you can perform Orb Soul Infusion, increasing that Orb’s star rating, in turn increasing its option and property skill levels. 

And where can you find these Orb Soul Infusing Stones? Through Orb Summon, of course. You can do this for free once a day, but after that it costs you Orb Summoning Crystals. 

The new Myth system, meanwhile, gives you access to powerful heroes from mythology. The first of these is Poseidon, and you get him for free. Once you’ve obtained a Myth you can equip them with items, evolve them, promote them, awaken them, and more. 

We’ll be honest with you: the Orb and Myth systems are far too complex and intricate to explain in detail here. 

You’ll just have to head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download MU Archangel for free right now. 

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