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MU Origin 2 has got an official release date: May 28th

It doesn’t get much bigger than MU Origin in the mobile MMORPG world. This acclaimed spinoff of Webzen’s MU Online has been dominating the Asian charts for the last couple of years, so the announcement earlier this year that MU Origin 2 is on the way was a big deal.

And now we have the release date: May 28th, which is less than two weeks from now.

MU Origin 2 will take the long-established MU universe and update it in all the important ways, with souped-up visuals, richer gameplay, and a more expansive world.

After choosing your class – Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf – you’ll embark on an epic journey, conquering dungeons, completing quests, progressing through the story campaign, and taking on human opponents in a variety of modes.

Those modes include 1v1 battles, which take place in the Arena, and team battles, which take place in the imaginatively named Harmatium (noun: a room devoted to the practice of inflicting harm.)

Everything from the previous game has made it into this sequel, including the universal RPG trappings of item slots, jewels, weapons, and that sort of thing.

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But there’s more. You’ll also be able to recruit a mount to carry you from place to place. This is essential since MU Origin 2 takes place on such a vast map. And you’ll have a pet, too – an animal that fights alongside you in battle.

Between March 29th and April 7th Webzen ran a closed beta for MU Origin 2, giving a cohort of players the chance to play the game early. They generated some fascinating insights.

The most popular character by far was Dark Wizard, and the least popular was Elf, which tends to suggest that MU Origin players prefer the dark side.

These players managed to clear an incredible 2.337,791 levels between them during the short beta period, with 38,274 dying in PvP battles. If the beta is anything to go by, MU Origin 2 won’t be short of potential opponents and guild mates.

MU Origin 2 will be along at the end of the month, but you can pre-register right now on Google Play.

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