MU Origin Latest Update – Devilish Treasure adds Clan Battle Royale, Clan Pet, Demonic Hallow and More!

The latest Update for MU Origin’s is a big one. This update sees the addition of a bunch of game modes and new things to do, as well as a few game tweaks here and there.

MU Origin – Devilish Treasure Update

  • Clan Battle Royale – A battle royale where three clans fight each other to be the last one standing. Runs Monday and Thursday 21:30~22:00.
  • Devilish Treasure – A PVP event where you gain battle points from killing other clan members. Killing the BOSS wins the game, but if the BOSS survives then the team with the most battle points wins.
  • Demonic Hallow – Is activated upon completion of the main quest Ancient Legend at Rebirth 10. This will unlock three new skills; Demonic Horn, Feather and Eye.
  • Clan Pet – The Pet content has been updated. You can use Clan Pet Feed to strengthen the basic options of a pet for 7 days. You can strengthen all pet attributes by 100, 125 or 150% for 1 week.
  • Hall of Clan – Earn Clan points in Clan Chase, Clan Battle Royale and Devilish Treasure. Each season the top clans get the best rewards.
  • Clan Chase – A monster spawns in the map, whoever kills it becomes the monster for 40 seconds. Surviving 40 seconds makes you victorious if nobody survives then everyone loses.

If you want to know more about the changes to MU Origins, then click here for the patch notes.

If you want to download a copy of MU Origins, then click here.

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