Muffin Knight gets a bit more tasty with new update, brings a new character to the game

Angry Mob Games’ recent hit release, Muffin Knight, has received an update the other day which brings with it some more tasty muffin goodness in the form of another character. Also along with the update comes some bug fixes which is always nice as well.

However, when it comes to the new character, the only way to find out what it is and unlock it so you can play as this new character is to earn enough muffins. This new character update, along with the bug fixes and some slight tweaks to the controls is available for both the free and paid versions of the game.


If you’ve been enjoying the action-platformer where you need to collect magical muffins while defeating enemies bent on stopping you from collecting said muffins, you know have one more thing to go after in-game. The update is currently live so you can download it now off the Android Market for either version of the game you happen to be playing and get back to collecting those delicious magical muffins.

Developer Website: Angry Mob Games

Android Market Link: Muffin Knight

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