Backstabbing Card Game Munchkin Now On Android

Feature image for our Munchkin news piece. It shows a capture of gameplay, with a player character in a dungeon facing off against a giant tentacle that has grabbed someone.

Min-maxers and roll-fudgers rejoice! Fiendishly fun card game Munchkin is out on Google Play and no loot is safe.

If you’re into TTRPGs, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘Munchkin’. For those that haven’t, we’ll give you a brief summary. A Munchkin is a tabletop role-player who isn’t much for the role-playing part. They want to win, to be the best, and to get all the best loot for themselves. Forget anybody else.

Bad Play Is Encouraged

While this kind of behavior is frowned upon at your local D&D group, it’s positively encouraged in Munchkin. The game’s first incarnation was a card game, though now with the magic of Android, you’ll be able to backstab your friends from the comfort of your own homes, cross-platform play included.

The objective of Munchkin is simple enough. To win you need to reach level ten before anyone else does. To get there, you’re going to need to draw cards, and use them strategically.

You can boost your player character’s level and stats, get yourself through a difficult fight, or indulge your evil alignment and sabotage your fellow players.

A Game Of Deals And Betrayal

Combat starts when monster cards come out. You need a character whose stats stand up to whatever beastie appears, or the consequences are dire. You may lose levels, or even your hero’s life! Your fellow players can step in to help you out, but they’ll probably want something from you as payment.

That’s the best-case scenario. At worst, other players will just buff the monster just to make sure it pounds you into the dungeon floor.

We said it was fun, we didn’t necessarily say it was fair. You chose the Munchkin life.

The game is a great choice for a good evening with friends, assuming that you don’t fall out easily. At least playing on Android means no one can flip the table.

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