Murder mystery game The Trace will be making an appearance on Android soon

Fans of murder mystery style games have a new title to look forward to arriving soon. The Trace, developed by Relentless Software, will be making its way to mobile devices soon and that does include Android. As you are probably guess from the theme of this game, The Trace is a puzzle adventure game where you will be out to solve a murder that has happened.

Players will take on the role of Detective Sam Pearce who has been called on to solve a murder. You will need to piece together the clues across three chapters in order to solve the murder that has happened and find the killer in order to, hopefully, bring them to justice. The Trace was written by the same author behind Sherlock: The Network, David Varela, so this should have a very good storyline to follow.

Visually, The Trace happens to be sporting 3D visuals which is nice for a change. A lot of these types of games end up having 2D or 2.5D graphics. Here is what you will be jumping into with The Trace:

The location is Baltimore. The victim is…?

The cause of death appears to be suicide – but somehow, as you cast your eye around, it doesn’t quite add up. Look closer and you’ll find hidden objects and clues concealed in corners which you’ll need to piece together to solve the mystery, with the help of your forensic lab technician partner, Alex.

From the sounds of this game The Trace won’t be that short of a title to play through. According to the developers, there are hundreds of objects that you will need to check out and figure if they are clues or something else. You will need to collect as much evidence along the way if you hope to solve this case.

For those of you looking forward to grabbing a copy of this game, The Trace will be hitting iOS devices on March 26th, 2015 with the Android version arriving shortly afterwards. Price-wise you are looking at £3.99 which means it will either be $3.99 or around $6.15 depending on whether or not they use the exchange rate for pricing or just leave it at $3.99 across the board.

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