A new game is out and is being dubbed the first ‘Picnic Defense’ simulator by the developers, Mediatonic. This game is like Angry Birds but the birds are the bad guys and instead of pigs, you use Nomster, a kirby looking creature to defend your picnic from the greedy birds who are trying to nabbed all the good stuff.

Using a catapult made from a fork and a knife, you fling Nomsters into the air to take out the treat stealing birds. You’ll be up against a whole variety of different types of birds while dodging bombs being dropped and more!


  • 18 Missions
  • 4 Challenges
  • OpenFeint Integration
  • Lots of goofy looking graphics
  • Very addicting


This type of game will be enjoyable to both adults, thanks to the addicting gameplay and OpenFeint integration, and children who like the cutesy graphics and characters. Gameplay is simple enough to just pick-up-and-play while OpenFeint offers up achievements and awards for people to earn giving it more replay value.

MUST.EAT.BIRDS is a great game to kill some time with and you can pick it up off the Android Market right now for $0.93. There is no lite/free version for you to try out but it isn’t a hugely popular iPhone game for no reason!

Developer Website: Mediatonic

Direct Market Link: MUST.EAT.BIRDS

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