My First Trainz Set now available for all you train enthusiasts out there.

My First Trainz Set is developed by n3v Games who also develop the highly realistic and detailed train simulation game that is also coming to Android called Trainz. My First Trainz Set is a more toned down version of a train simulation game for the most casual enthusiast or someone who want to keep their kids busy for a few hours.

My First Trainz Set bring the whole aspect of building a train set without actually having to build one and worrying about small parts or generally all the cleaning up that you need to do when you build one. Each level is set in a room inside a 3D house whether it is a kitchen or the TV room. You also have little quests to do like picking up a load of pencils off the desk and delivering them.


  • You’re the designer! Build winding, climbing tracks and build it over, under, around and through more objects than you can poke a stick at!
  • Build Team-Work! Your kids will never get along better than this as they work together to build tracks that will WOW you.
  • Nine realistic trains to drive! From old chugging steamers to shiny bullet trains.
  • Let your children’s (and your!) creativity run wild. Four huge rooms, Countless Items to build on / through / under, Nine Trains and a Track Builder mean that there is virtually limitless gameplay!
  • Developed by the company that has been making the very best Train Simulation games for over 10 years!



However just like their more hardcore train simulation game, Trainz, you’ll be treated to some highly detailed train models that follow the exact designs of their real-life counterparts. You’ll need to own an Android Tegra 2 device however to be able to play this great game. It is available right now on the Android Market and Tegra Zone for $10.52. Trainz will be available on Android in the near future for those of you looking for a more hardcore train simulation game to play.

Developer Website: n3v Games

Market Link: My First Trainz Set

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