Naboki is Maciej Targoni’s Latest Puzzler, Out Now on Android

Prolific mobile puzzle developer Maciej Targoni is at it again, releasing his brand new puzzler, Naboki, on Android.

You may not know his name, but you’ll definitely have played his games. He’s the developer behind Hook, Push, Klocki, and many more.

Naboki is a Puzzler About Taking Levels Apart

Naboki is all about moving objects around to solve puzzles. In a short teaser trailer, we saw a puzzle involving you finishing a pattern, another about pulling cubes out of the way to unveil levers, and more.

Naboki is a premium release that costs a mere dollar, so there’s no genuine excuse not to check it out.

You can grab it right now on Google Play. We’d also recommend checking out Tagoni’s other games – many of which are 50% off right now.

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