Namco Bandai releases Pac-Man Dash, a side-scrolling runner with pineapple tanks

Namco Bandai has released a new Pac-Man game onto Android called Pac-Man Dash. This particular game is a side-scrolling runner where you will be controlling Pac-Man once again but this time you’ll be running through stages in a side-scrolling fashion while you chomp down on all the cookies that come your way.

Pac-Man Dash takes a lot of influence from the Sonic the Hedgehog game in terms of level designs, with bounce pads projecting you in different direction and just the overall feel of the game when you’re playing it. Not that this is a bad thing or anything like that. It’s actually quite enjoyable to play a Pac-Man game is a slightly different way.

Pac-Man Dash Features:

-Touch the screen to jump and eat cookies and ghosts in this simple game
-PAC-MAN and his friends, as well as ghosts and monsters all display a wide range of actions
-Run through a variety of stages, from PAC-MAN’s home in the big city, to the ghosts’ world underground.
-Challenge yourself with many different missions, such as eating 300 cookies, or jumping 40 times! Clear them to get exciting presents
-Exchange your accumulated cookies for power-up items
-The various power-ups are fun to watch! You can see PAC-MAN transform, or his friends come to help him
-Save games for friends and family members in different files
-Everyone can share their cookies and items, so work together to collect them

There is a lot of interesting social features to this game as well such as working together to collect items that otherwise may be taking too long to collect on your own. As for power-ups, there are a lot of rather unique ones including a pineapple tank to help clear the way for you.

If you’re up for checking out a new Pac-Man game that isn’t really your typical style of Pac-Man, you might want to check this one out. Pac-Man Dash is now available off of Google Play for free and you can check the game out in action in the video above.

Google Play Link: Pac-Man Dash

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