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Vampire Survivors Meets Overlord in Necrosmith, Out Now On Android

Necrosmith gameplay.

If you’re a big fan of Vampire Survivors, but have exhausted it and fancy something new to play, you can do a lot worse than Necrosmith.

It draws inspiration from everyone’s favourite roguelike, as well as the classic console game Overlord.

What’s Necrosmith?

You play as a necromancer who finds himself in an unknown world, along with his faithful pet cat. It’s name? ‘The Cat’.

The necromancer’s goal is to get back home, but first, they need to protect themself from the vicious monsters that call this land home.

Fortunately for this spellcaster, there are a bunch of tools dotted around the world that they can use to create their own army.

You and What Army?

Like Frankenstein himself, you combine monster parts to create all-new creations that fight on your behalf.

These monsters are varied, and each have their own strengths. They will fight without input from you, but you can also directly take them over if you want.

As they battle monsters, you can collect resources and new body parts, allowing you to create new creations.

What Else Do I Do?

You also have a tower hub, which you can upgrade to unlock even more stuff. That gives you a nice bit of progression in between battles.

Your ultimate goal is to find the blueprints for your ship, so you can get back home. Why you can’t just cast a teleport spell is beyond me.

The best part about Necrosmith is that it’s a premium title without ads, gacha mechanics, or pay-to-win freemium nonsense.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can do so by grabbing it from Google Play right now.

Not Interested

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