Need For Speed Mobile Gameplay Footage Shows Off The Return Of The Open World

Feature image for our Need For Speed Mobile gameplay news piece. It shows a promo image of four cars racing on a road overlooking a cityscape.

Not in the Need For Speed Mobile Early Access? No idea what the Need For Speed Mobile gameplay is going to be like? Don’t worry! You’re not totally in the dark.

Not too long ago we mentioned in an article that a new offering in the iconic racing series was close to hitting Google Play, with Early Access running in Australia.

Unfortunately, that left a lot of Android gamers out of the loop, including us at DG, pretty far removed from Oceania of China where it’s in open beta. Boo.

We Can’t Play It, But Some Can

Fortunately, a few creators have stepped in to provide some recent footage from the Chinese version, to give some idea of the state the game is in right now.

Both the Techzamazing and DannyINTEL YouTube channels have recently published gameplay footage from the beta build.

This footage gives everyone who wasn’t able to snag a spot as a tester, or who isn’t in the right regions for early access, to get a look at how the gameplay is coming along for the mobile racing title.


We also get a chance to check out the free-roaming game mode that lets you loose to cruise around a large map as you please. Cruising around in your car with restrictions is one of the trademarks of the Need For Speed series, and a nice way to unwind after a stressful race.

The Need For Speed Mobile gameplay footage shows how you drive around the open world, and even involve yourself in some missions like trying to cut off an escaping vehicle if you want a break from just trying to be the fastest.

This is along with plenty of real-world car models to try on for size.

Want to get in on the next beta when it drops? You can check out the official site, though it looks like a lot of recruiting is done via the official Discord, so maybe pull up a chair over there and keep an eye out.

Want something else to play in the meantime? Check out our feature on the best new Android games this week.

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