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Need For Speed Mobile Is In Early Access, But Is It Available In Your Region?

Feature image for our Need For Speed Mobile news piece. It shows an in-game screen of cars racing along a city freeway.

Early Access just dropped for EA’s Need For Speed Mobile game, and players are invited to get their paws on the open-world racer and try it on for size.

Hold your horses though, or cars at least, the Early Access is only available to mobile gamers in Australia. Unless you’re an Aussie, you might be out of luck for the time being.

So what’s it all about? Need For Speed Mobile is a game that sets out to try and capture the iconic racing series’ sense of freedom on mobile platforms.

Taking Racing Off The Track

The racing game takes place in an open world, with a 10km by 10km map for players to explore, known as Heat Bay.

There are races, of course, but there’s some trademarked Need For Speed chaos promised too. Cop car chases look set to be a major part of gameplay, and it’s a welcome addition from previous entries in the franchise.

The game offers thirty different licensed cars from real-world manufacturers and a vast array of customization options for both your car and driver.

Competitive rankings factor in for more hardcore players, while people wanting a more casual experience can team up with friends and live chat with your group.

Free-To-Play And All That Comes With It

Of course, as with most free-to-play titles, there’s always some means of enticing you to part with your money. In this case, the listing states that there’ll be in-game purchases that ‘includes random items’. So we might be looking at an EA loot box scenario.

If this sounds like your speed, then you can check it out on Google Play. You can sign up as a beta tester via the official website if you want to get your hands on it in Early Access tests.

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