Nekki delivers Vector 2 into the Play Store! Start running now!

Everybody at Team DG knows that I am a fan of runners and platforming games. One of the best games to be released over the last couple of years was Vector. It had excellent graphics, perfect controls and plenty of levels to beat. When I interviewed Nekki last year, they were hard at work on Vector 2. If you didn’t know it already, Vector 2 is live in the Google Play Store. Don’t worry, Nekki hasn’t forgotten about you Shadow Fight fans. Hopefully Shadow Fight 3 will be released this year too. In the meantime, why not play one of the best parkour games available for Android.

Vector 2 has more than a new coat of paint. There are quite a few details that have been added to the game. Yes, the game still looks amazing, and has those easy to learn controls. Yet, the challenges and difficulty that made the first game one you had to work hard to beat, well, those aspects are still here in this version. If you are still waiting for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst on PC and consoles to come out, then Vector 2 should tie you over until then. 

The game still has you trying to escape from the clutches of whomever has been trying to control you. We never really found out who that was in the original Vector. The narrative of the first game was just enough to pull you into the world that Nekki created. It is more of the same with Vector 2, but the tagline for the game is ‘Hack the System.’ The environments are different, but you are still running in front of a well-designed 2D world that is full of lasers, traps and plenty of places to use your parkour skills. The animations and fluidity of the runners in the first game were excellent. Based on playing the first few levels of the game, and watching video of gameplay, this definitely returns. You will have power-ups and equipment this time around that will help you evade your pursuers.

Vector 2 Features:

  • Run for your life – Descend through a huge complex research facility and try to get out alive – over and over again.
  • Gear up – There is no good run without equipment! Try out experimental high-tech gear that will help you survive a little longer and discover ways to upgrade it.
  • Add style to your skill – Learn stunts to dodge deadly traps – and do it in the most stylish way ever possible.

Quick Gameplay Thoughts:

  • The game is good, but menu navigation and learning about upgrades is not as clear as it could be.
  • It is hard to tell exactly how many levels there are in the game. Levels unlock after you complete certain goals, but unlike some games that show you how many levels there are up front, this game doesn’t. Hopefully Nekki will tell us just how many levels there are in the game. If Vector 2 is like Vector, Nekki will continue to support the game and provide quite a bit of content in the future. 
  • The difficulty has been ratcheted up a notch or two. This is not a bad thing, but it may be frustrating to some gamers.
  • The Vector world has been greatly expanded. There is a lot to like here and the story is even more intriguing. Someone wants to help you break free. Who is it?
  • There are optional IAPs. They can be used for chip upgrades. You don’t necessarily have to spend cash, you can play levels over again to help you out in that area.
  • Inventory and upgrading your abilities has a nice RPG feel to it. I like this element. Plenty of upgrades are available.
  • In-game journal is helpful, but could be expanded a bit more.
  • Google Game Play Services is enabled with ten achievements to unlock.
  • This game still looks amazing! Animations are top-notch!
  • 2D Background art is impressive.
  • Did I mention the game can be tough?

Overall so far, Vector 2 is an enjoyable game. The learning curve is steeper, but once you get the hang of it, the game really opens up, as do your parkour skills. Vector 2 is free-to-play and available to download now. It is definitely worth checking out. If you enjoyed the first game, Vector 2 has more for you to experience and enjoy.


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