Kitty Collector Neko Atsume Sequel Set To Drop Later This Year!

featured image for our news on Neko Atsume sequel. It features a cute scenery with a house, a restaurant and a park. There are a lot of cats all over the place.

Pet lovers, I have some news for you! Neko Atsume 2 is coming to Android and iOS devices this summer! Hit-Point just shared a new website for the upcoming Neko Atsume sequel. Nothing much has been revealed about the game yet, but we’ve been told that it’s going to be overloaded with cuteness.

What’s Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector?

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a virtual pet collector game that dropped in October 2014. You get food, toys and places for cats to chill in your virtual yard. You then look after them just like you take care of your real pets. Feed them, play with them, wash them, pat them: the choices are many!

You get to pet over 60 different cats in the game. Usually, there are two types of cats, rare and regular. Some of the regular cats are Smokie, Ganache, Pickles, Pumpkin and Maple. The rare ones are special cats that only come around for special toys or food. Bob, Conductor, Tubbs, Mr. Meowgi, Sapphire and Bengal Jack are some awesome rare cats. You can even name the cats yourself after you meet them.

Your pets even give you fish; it’s their way of saying thanks to you, their human! You can further use these gift fish to get better food, new toys, more goodies and attract more cats. The more you play with your virtual cats, the more they’ll drop silver fish or gold fish for you.

You can also punch in a daily password to get more fish. After a set number of days, you get a big bonus like a Ritzy Bitz, which is a pack of three goldfish, or a Sashimi boat, which is a set of 50 goldfish. If you haven’t played the game yet, you should give it a try before the Neko Atsume sequel comes out. Head to the Google Play Store and get it now.

That wraps up our story on the upcoming Neko Atsume sequel. By the way, have you heard? Age Of Empires Is Coming To Mobile, Pre-Register And Win Lots Of Freebies!

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