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Neopunk Is The Best New RPG You’ve Never Heard Of

Feature image for our Neopunk news piece. It shows an in-game screen with a conversation taking place between some character sprites and a character at the store, with the sotehold character's portrait, a woman with maroon hair and goggles, saying 'See you around Stay safe.'

Top-down cyberpunk RPG Neopunk has dropped onto Google Play, and while it’s certainly not hitting the store with the marketing clout of a big studio release, it might be something to get excited about.

Neopunk is a premium game with no strings attached. No ads, no always-online restrictions, no in-app purchases, and a humble price tag that won’t leave you out of pocket.

A Cyborg Merc And A Murky Cybercity

You take the role of an agender mercenary who moves to the bright lights and rotten criminal underworld of cyberpunk metropolis, Kaanalos City. Not long after doing so, they’re into the deep end of the place’s criminal element, called upon to help solve a murder.

As these things often do, events go far deeper than they seem on the surface. The protagonist spirals into a far-reaching conspiracy and must go up against the incredibly powerful and shady Baxter Corp, defacto runners of the entire city.

While solving the case and investigating conspiracies will keep you occupied if that’s what you want, that’s not all you can do in Kaanalos City. The game’s designed with player freedom in mind, so there’s plenty to do.

Drug Dealers And Delivering Pizza

You can explore and interact with the colorful locals, fight mutants and hostile robots, or deliver pizza as a side job… even cyberpunk mercenaries sometimes need to get into the gig economy.

If the distinct tiled look and big-headed sprites are anything to go by, Neopunk appears to be a creation of the beloved RPG Maker engine, a favorite of the smallest of small RPG developers due to its ease of use.

We always love stumbling across indie gems on the platform, and Neopunk definitely falls under the category. Don’t let the older aesthetic put you off, the game brings a lot to the table.

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