NetEase’s Multiplayer Stealth Game Murderous Pursuits Launches Globally

Murderous Pursuits, the multiplayer “stealth-em-up” from Chinese developer NetEase Games, has just launched in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa.

The game is launching with an event with the distinctly unappealing name of Mr. X’s Partner Program. It’s aimed at recruiting content creators, and invites players to submit a short video or slightly longer live broadcast on YouTube or Facebook.

Available on PC since 2008, Murderous Pursuits sees players travelling together on a Victorian steampunk airship, with eight opponents attempting to take each other out without raising the alarm.

These assassinations are commissioned by the mysterious Mr. X, and you have to carry them out while avoiding guards and other partygoers.

It’s a neat concept, though it’s fair to say that Murderous Pursuits has received mixed reviews on PC, with critics complaining of underpopulated servers. Hopefully it can fare better on mobile, where it’s infinitely cheaper.

You can download Murderous Pursuits for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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