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Netflix Announces it’s Getting Into Mobile Gaming

Subscription video-streaming service Netlfix has revealed the next stage in its plans for world domination – streaming mobile video games. Er, yeah, okay, sure why not?

In a recent letter to investors, the company stated that it was moving into the game streaming business, and that its first focus would be on streaming games to mobile devices.

Now, what those games are going to be is, at the best, completely unstated. Whether they’re going to be originals, in-house developed titles or something else, right now we’ve got no idea.

What do we know?

Right now we know that the new gaming part of the Netflix subscription will be included in the monthly price you’re already paying. This isn’t an extra arm of the business, it’s all part of the same package. Will that price go up? Again, we don’t know.

It sort of makes sense – let’s be honest here, when we’re watching something on Netflix, the majority of us are also messing about on our phones, because paying attention is too damn hard. Netflix wants to control that second screen too.

What do you think? Are you excited about Netflix getting into game streaming? Have you already seen too many game-streaming services fail to get excited about another one? Let us know in the comments.

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