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Netflix Hires Halo Writer For New Game Project

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Netflix is working on something big. We don’t know what it is, but we’re burning with curiosity. What we do know is Netflix Games is working on an AAA title, it’s a whole new IP, and they’ve brought in a big name to act as the Creative Director.

A Respected Name In The Gaming World Gets On Board

The name is none other than Joseph Staten, formerly of Bungie and Microsoft Studios. Staten was responsible for directing the cinematics and also wrote many of the mission scripts. If you love Halo, you have a lot to thank the guy for.

Now, he’s set to work as a Creative Director for this unnamed project under Netflix Games. The announcement came via Staten’s Twitter account yesterday.

Now, given what we do know, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve seen quite a few indie darlings from the PC brought to the small screen by Netflix recently.

We’ve had the surreal adventure of Kentucky Route Zero, the creepy film-based puzzle Immortality, retro brawler Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, and future-western rogue-like Dust And Neon, to name a few.

While we love this and don’t want the indie games to stop, a big-budget game is a fascinating ramp-up.

The Trade-Off Of The Subscription Model

Of course, the Netflix subscription model isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not every gamer is happy with the prospect of paying a subscription to play games rather than owning them outright. This is fair enough.

That said, in the age of games-as-service, and the rise of subscription models like Microsoft game pass, games existing in a subscription model is perhaps better than micro-transaction-riddled loot box fests.

If Netflix can succeed in creating a really compelling title, there are plenty of Android gamers keen on getting games with more substance. If Android is the target audience, it could be the kind of meaty gameplay experience we’re often lacking on our favorite platform.

However this pans out, we’ll of course follow along with the story and try to keep you up to date with any developments. We’re really eager to see where this goes.

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