NetHak – MMO for the geek in you

The demand for graphically beautiful games for the Android Market continues to increase almost daily, especially when some developers just don’t care about their game (see Worst Weekly Game Review for an idea). However, NetHak by developer Total Mad Ownage, has decided to take another route, screw the graphics, develop just a good game.

This particular MMORPG is strictly text based and is stated in plain view that it is right in the description on the market. Not worrying about pleasing the masses with pretty pictures but instead concentrating on delivering just a good game to play. The current server version is 0.5 and the current client version is 1.4 which is available for download off the Android Market for free and also the main website which is also a mobile compatible site.

A description of the game from the NetHak website:

The year is 2030. Nanotechnology has improved our society in many ways. Nanobots are active in our bodies to fight diseases and enable us to wirelessly interface with devices such as cars, planes, robots and computer networks.

When you log into the game, you leave your body behind and enter cyberspace, a visual representations of computer systems and data. There are three big organizations with different agendas in the game.

The Turing Registry is a group dedicated to keep artificial intelligences from becoming too smart. They are something of a net police and employ agents to gather intelligence and information about self-aware programs.

The Moderns are a neo-anarchistic group of hackers that try to learn more about artificial intelligences and are actively involved in making them smarter.

The Freelancers are just that. One could say that they are mercenaries that fight for whoever can give them more money, but it also causes them to make more enemies.

Join one of these organizations, create your own computer systems and populate it with offensive and defensive programs to earn money, information and to protect it from other hackers.

If you prefer to support your organization with custom made offensive and defensive programs, you can also just hang out in your organization’s systems and code modules for them.”

There’s a whole bunch of guides posted on the main website so there is a lot of information that anyone can read up on and learn how to play the game. If you don’t have a bunch of space left on your phone you can always play it online as well. This game is still in beta stages so if you experience any bugs, let the developer know. Happy Hacking!

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