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NetherSX2 is a New and Improved Version of AetherSX2

GTA San Andreas.

If you can remember all the way back to January, AetherSX2, arguably the best PS2 emulator on Android, dramatically shut down overnight. Its developer, Tahlreth, abandoned the project due to what they claimed was harassment by the community.

We won’t dive into all of that again, but you can read about it on Droid Gamers. What we’re here to share today is much more positive news: AetherSX2 is back, under new development, and better than ever before.

It’s got a brand new name, NetherSX2, and it arrives with a bunch of features (and a few cuts) that improve the experience for those that use it.

What’s NetherSX2?

NetherSX2 is a modded version of AetherSX2 under entirely new development. Fans of the PS2 emulator should appreciate the first improvement NetherSX2 makes: to remove those pesky advertisements.

Back in March, shortly after Tahlreth left the project, AetherSX2 received a small update that not only deprecated performance but included ads. You can read about that too on Droid Gamers.

There Are No More Ads?

Those ads are gone, and in their place is frontend support. Gone are the PS3-derived bios checks, and in come support for custom application names. That will please those that like to keep things nice and tidy.

There’s also a simple one line patcher, and you can organise your games library however you’d like to. In short, it’s everything that was great about AetherSX2, but better.

How Can I Get It?

You can check out the launch trailer, which details all of the new features, on YouTube. If you want to skip straight to downloading it, follow the installation guide, also on YouTube.

Disclaimer: we should warn you that this isn’t an official version of AetherSX2, and we can’t vouch for its stability. Always try and be careful when installing unofficial products on Android.

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