Netmarble is Working on a Mobile Ni No Kuni MMORPG Launching in Japan in 2020

Netmarble has announced that it’s working on a mobile MMORPG that takes place in the Ni No Kuni universe.

It’s called Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds and it’s being built in Unreal Engine 4 with the series’s trademark anime visuals being present.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is an Upcoming MMORPG That Takes Place in the Ni No Kuni Universe

You’ll pick from five different classes, including Witch, Swordsman, Rogue, Engineer, and Destroyer then participate in a storyline.

There’s also PvP, including kingdom invasion battles and defending your own kingdom. It seems to share that gameplay from Ni No Kuni 2, along with the real-time battle system.

We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Hopefully it will launch in the west following its Japanese release.

Source: Touch Arcade via Gematsu

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