Netmarble’s Seven Knights 2 Gets a New Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene Hero and Carnival Celebration

Seven Knights 2, Netmarble’s hugely popular mobile RPG sequel, has received a whole new hero and a host of events in its latest update.

There’s a lot to cover, so we’ll just dive right in. 

The latest hero to join the Seven Knights 2 family is Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene, a Mythic / Defense character who can Shock enemies, inflict various debuffs, enhance ranged attacks, and transform after being revived. 

Netmarble has created a new story chapter to establish Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene in the Seven Knights 2 universe. Side Story Scenario Chapter 3 Resonating Heart lifts the lid on Eileene, Jave, Lene’s family, and the revival of Eileene. 

But the latest update isn’t all about Eileene. It also contains exclusive new equipment for Legendary Serena, and a Victory Outfit for April. 

To celebrate the new arrivals, Netmarble is running a number of in-game events between March 29th and April 12th aimed at helping both established players and absolute beginners to beef up their squads. 

The Celebration Carnival for Mythic Eileene’s Release event sees you completing daily missions for rewards. Plus, you can nab yourself an extra reward by clearing every single one of the missions on offer. 

For new players, these rewards include Legendary heroes Casper, Ruri, and Rudy, Legendary+ hero Teo, a Legendary Hero Summon Voucher, a Legendary Pet Summon Voucher, Pet Step Up Tickets, and a whole lot more. 

For returning players, meanwhile, rewards include Mythic Armor Summon Vouchers, Weapon Selection Tickets, Legendary Jewel Summon Vouchers, Legendary+ Pet Summon Vouchers, Legendary+ hero selection tickets and more.

Next up there’s the Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene Upgrade Support & Step Up Summon Challenge Event, which is a mouthful to say but simply amounts to you getting a range of rewards. The higher your level, the better they are. Easy. 

And then there’s the Commanders Meet Legendary+ Platin Special Pass, which you can activate by spending Legendary+ Platin Special Coins. And to get your hands on those, all you need to do is check in, play upgrade dungeons, or clear certain missions. 

To begin your Seven Knights 2 adventure, head to Google Play, the App Store, or the Netmarble site to start playing right now.

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