Nevosoft releases Magic Academy: Part One hidden objects game onto Google Play

Nevosoft, developers of the Dream Sleuth and Mysteryville hidden objects games, have released another hidden objects game onto Android called Magic Academy: Part One. Like their previous hidden objects games, Magic Academy also comes with other puzzle to solve and mini-games to complete.

However, in this game you also have spells which you can use to help you solve the mystery of the disappearance of a young student from the Higher Academy of Arwindale named Annie. You will be playing as Annie’s younger sister named Irene who has joined the academy in order to find what has happen to her sister.

Magic Academy Features:

– Mysterious magic storyline
– Exciting hidden object tasks from the masters of the Academy
– Spell lessons and receipts of ancient potion
– Brightful characters show you all secret of magic art
– Charmed locations bring you to the world of wizards and warlocks

Nevosoft usually makes some pretty solid hidden objects games that offer up plenty to do aside from just trying to find objects in various scenes within the game. Often these include other types of puzzles that need to be solved and mini-games to play.

Fans of hidden objects games looking for a new one to complete might want to check this one out. It is available for download off of the Google Play store for free to try out at first. You can unlock the full version through an in-game purchase.

Developer Website: Nevosoft

Google Play Link: Magic Academy: Part One

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