New 3D RPG called Discretion now available on the market

Another new indie game developer has joined the ranks of developers for Android. Going by the name Red Sky Forge, their flagship game was release yesterday called Discretion which is a new 3D RPG to play on your Android device. It is sporting some interesting retro-3D style graphics and open world gameplay.

The controls are all touchscreen which is becoming the norm these day, not that we are complaining. According to the developer, this is a more story focused action RPG title which “follows a young noble thrust into the danger and intrigues of life at the court of King Assam. The King is busy waging a protracted war against his neighbors to the east, the Kingdom of Denia. With a young, popular and ambitious Queen, perhaps he is too busy.” Definitely an interesting storyline that seems a bit more adult orientated.


  • Fully 3D world with 10 different areas
  • Mature and compelling storyline with multiple unique endings
  • 4 character classes
  • Combat system with 48 unique special abilities
  • Accessible game-play designed specifically for mobile gaming: play at your own pace



The appealing part of this game seems to be the story which is definitely more adult focused and multiple endings always adds for better replay value. You can access each ending depending on which way you take the storyline and play the game.

You can pick up Discretion off the Android Market right now for $5.00 but if you aren’t ready to jump into the game for that price, you can always try out the demo version which is free.

Developer Website: Red Sky Forge

Direct Market Link: Discretion

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRDiscretion.png{/rokbox}

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