New app will let you tweak your Grand Theft Auto 3 graphics easily.

We have covered a couple of interesting tidbits of information when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 3 on Android ranging from boosting your graphics quality to being able to install mods, new cars and building textures. However, if you don’t like fiddling with the files, there is a new app that will let you at least tweak the graphics easily.

This new app comes from a developer over at the XDA Website and what it does is basically allow you to boost or tweak certain settings pertaining to the graphics without having to manually fiddle with the files. Instead all you do is install this app and turn on/off specific settings to either increase the quality of graphics or tweak them to increase the game’s performance. Option you can turn on/off include:

– Shadows: On/Off
– Lighting: On/Off
– Resolution: High/Low
– Rendering Distance: 18 Steps
– Blur: On/Off (may only work on specific devices, most likely Tegra 2/3)

The original settings are backed up in the file located inĀ sdcard/android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/gta3/gta3.gtsettingslauncher.set so if this app doesn’t work on your device for whatever reason or you want to change back to the default settings, just copy that file back to (…)/gta3.set.

If you have any questions or problems just head over to the official XDA Thread for this neat little app for more information and help. You can also download the app through the same XDA thread which is linked below. Your device must be running Android 2.2+.

Website Referenced: XDA Forums

Direct Download via XDA: Grand Theft Auto 3 Tweak app

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