New Co-Op Trailer for Mega Man X Dive Shows The Floating Ruins from ZX Advent

I have good news for Mega Man fans or RockMan depending on where you’re from. But the latest trailer shows off what co-op will look like, plus a map from the Nintendo DS game ZX Advent.

Mega Man X Dive is in a Closed Beta Test until August 22nd

The latest trailer released by the Capcom Taiwan team shows more than just a glimpse of what to expect from co-op. It also shows Zero and Vile teaming up on The Floating Ruins, a fan favourite map from the glory days of the DS.

Mega Man X Dive is still in a CBT, meaning you can sign up right now and get your hands on X Dive before its eventual release. You can sign up from the official page here where you can read about the beta test and what happens when it’s over. There are only 30,000 spots available and players will be randomly selected so good luck!

If you want to stay up to date with all things Mega Man X Dive, then follow the Facebook page.

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