New E3 themed Humble Bundle is out with Android games in tow

To celebrate E3 taking place this week, Humble Bundle has created a new E3 Humble Bundle called Digital Ticket. If you like to pick up a bunch of games, name your own price and help a charity at the same time, then the new E3 Humble Bundle is for you.

Already available for purchase, Humble Bundle has released a new bundle in celebration of the E3 convention. Not all of the games in this release are Android, but all of the Android games are in the bottom tier, so they can be acquired for bargain pricing. The Android games in the bundle are as follows:

Mountain: In this game, players assume the role of an eponymous mountain, that doubles as a deity of sorts, where the game itself functions more like a sim. There are no controls, saving is automatic, and time only goes forward.

Super Senso Beta Access + Starter Pack: This game is turn based strategy, with asynchronous multiplayer. The game focuses more on the strategy aspect, vs say unit customization. Players will need to factor in where infantry or vehicles get placed, as well as account for things like what the environment is like. There’s a single player campaign that doubles as a tutorial, with the goal of ramping players up to take each other on.

Pathfinder Adventures – 40 Chests: This game is based on the physical RPG, and is now a digital card game. Players work cooperatively to defeat monsters and villains, and try to acquire new weapons, items, allies, etc. This can be played solo, or other players via pass-and-play.

Amazon coins: Along with the aforementioned games, Amazon is throwing in 500 of their coins that are good for games that players acquire from them (as far as I understand it).

All of these are offered at the lowest, name your own price, tier. Humble Bundle is known for adding other games to the bundle for the pay-higher-than-average tier, so more may crop up there in another week or so. This bundle is definitely worth checking out. All totaled together, there is over $300 worth of content for you to obtain at a very low price. Check out the link below to find out more.

Official Website: Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket


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