New Event, Legendary+ Hero, and More in Latest Seven Knights 2 Update

The latest update for Seven Knights 2 is here, and with it comes a brand new Legendary+ Hero and a series of events to celebrate. That hero is the ‘Roar of Tarragon Iota’, or Iota for short.

Iota is a melee damage dealer who’s also adept at supporting her allies. She can restore their HP, boost recovery rates, and increase their attack speed while simultaneously dishing out the DPS to her enemies.

To celebrate the arrival of Iota, developer Netmarble has unleashed a series of events known as ‘The Water Festival’, which rewards you for playing the game between now and April 26.

The Water Festival features four different events. This includes a check-in event, which showers you with coins, Rubies, and more just for logging in while the event is running. Then there’s the Shoot and Loot event, which sees you shooting water guns with Cosette, netting Mythic Upgrade Stones, Pet Fragment Chest+s, and Rubies as rewards.

If you do manage to bag Iota, you can unlock her exclusive outfit by participating in the crafting event. This also rewards you with Mythic Enhancement Stones, Pet Fragment Chests, and more.

Also, if you level Iota to level 36, you can get rewards every two levels until 58. These include Iota Soulstones, Water Festival Coins, Mythic Elixirs, and Universal Soulstone Shards.

So head on over to the App Store, Google Play or download the PC version right now and grab Seven Knights 2. The update is live right now, with the events running until April 26.

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