New game, Alien Kick, hits beta form. Made in response to the iOS game Kill the Droid

Who says there can’t be any sort of friendly rivalry in the world of mobile gaming? Two weeks ago we wrote about a game called Kill the Droid which had just been accepted onto the App Store for iOS devices. Well now Android gamers can have some fun of their own and a friendly shot at Steve.

In Kill the Droid, Android mascots would fall from the top of the screen to the bottom and it was your job to shoot them. After you miss three times the game is over. Well in response to this little jab at Android, developer Chrisparov Studios is making a game that will take a shot at iOS, in particular at Steve Jobs. There is actually some pretty great humor behind the game too that anyone in the world of Android will get a chuckle out of.

In Alien Kick, which is based off of the 1981 arcade game Kick or Kick-man, the game has been given a redesign. Here is the official description which best describes Alien Kick:

In Alien Kick this original game design is given the “SyFy” treatment where the clown is replaced with a “Uni-Leprechaun”  and the balloons/pac-man are replaced with Steve Jobs’s head.  The year is 2021, Steve is in search of magic to power his latest magical iDevice, and has zeroed in on the patent free world of the Uni-Leprechauns!  You must use the power of your Unicorn Horn to pop Steve’s bubble, if you miss, summon a Rainbow Kick to push the invaders back and try again.  The angrier Steve gets, the redder his face gets, and the faster he falls towards your world!  If he gets there he will take off with a Pot of Magic, and you will lose a life, lose 4 and Steve will patent you world for his own!!  Steve’s presentations provide an Autotuned background music to keep the fun going!  You can move left/right using the accelerometer, or dragging the Uni-Leprechaun.  To launch the Rainbow Kick, click on screen anywhere outside of the Uni-Leprechaun.



Seriously humorous if nothing else. While iOS gets a game where they shoot the Android mascot, we get Steve Job’s head and a plethora of patent related jokes and auto-tuned Steve Job’s presentations for background music. If you want to check this game out and help be apart of it’s development, you can participate in the open beta. The developer wants people involved to bring suggestions and improvements to the table so feel free to contact him.

Please keep in mind though that this is a beta and there will contain some bugs. You can download the beta version of Alien Kick from the developer website which also has instructions on installing it.

Developer Website: Chrisparov Studios

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