New Herocraft Game – Russian Fishing

Like Fishing? How about fishing games? Well Herocraft has just released a new game available for Android devices called Russian Fishing which brings all the goodness of fishing right to your Android phone. While this isn’t the first fishing game for Android, it is one of only two that is actually good and offers lots of customizing options for your to explore.

As with all Herocraft games you can expect a high level of detailed 2D graphics and touch screen controls in this game. You’ll be able to pick your favorite fishing spots in each level, sell your catches for cash to get better equipment and save photos of your prize catches as well.


  • 9 Levels
  • 10 Posters of trophy catches
  • Online high scores
  • Game shop for upgrading equipment and special gear
  • Touch Screen controls
  • Great 2D graphics


At the time of writing this, it is not visible on the Android market although I’m sure it will be considering all their games are. However if you can’t wait for it to show up on the Android market you can head over to Herocraft’s website and purchase the game through there for $4.99USD. So if you like sports games but want a change of pace from the usual then you might want to check out this new game.

I’ll update this post with a QR Code and direct market link when it lands on the Android market for everyone.

Developer Website: Herocraft

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