New Hidden Objects game, Snark Busters, arrives on the Android Market. Snarky.

Alawar Games has released another Hidden Objects game onto the Android Market today called Snark Busters which is a fantasy themed Hidden Objects game this time. The goal of this new game, to find the Snark. What is a Snark? No idea aside from it being a creature that is found in this Steampunk world in Snark Busters.

Snark Busters is set in a Steampunk style fantasy world where you will have to find clues that the Snark has left behind. However, the Snark happens to use mirrors to jump from place to place so catching it won’t be the easiest thing to do. You will be playing along side Kira Robertson who has the fun job of decipher the hints and piecing together the objects found to track down the Snark and become a part of the Snark busters elite club.


  • Seven chapters
  • Thirty animated locations
  • 13 mini-games
  • A captivating story
  • Bright and colorful graphics



Hidden Object games have seen a real increase in popularity over the past few months on Android and Alawar tends to make some of the more unique, enjoyable ones that are currently available to play. As like their previous releases, this is a free download to try out and if you enjoy it, you can purchase the full version through an in-game purchase. Very Snark-errific indeed.

Developer Website: Alawar Games

Android Market Link: Snark Busters

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