New hints from Sony Ericsson about the rumored Android Playstation phone

ahhh… The Android Playstation phone. This device has already become a legend and it hasn’t even been released yet. Getting details on this device has also been a royal pain but as time passes it seems more come to the surface of the rumor pool. Today the Wall Street Journal is the source of new information regarding the possible Android Playstation phone.

The Chief Executive of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg, said he knows about the speculation regarding Sony Ericsson and the idea of them working on a Playstation phone running Android. During an interview, questions came up regarding the rumored Android Playstation device…

“There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere,” Mr. Nordberg said during an interview. “Sony has an extremely strong offering in the gaming market, and that’s very interesting.”

Bert Nordberg is gearing up to release a phone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this upcoming February (2011) that will apparently ‘make a lot of noise’ but didn’t go past that point regarding what the device actually is. However, he did state that there is no technological reason why a gaming-orientated phone couldn’t be released. In fact, the main hurdle would be dealing with game developers over rights issues which is where Sony would come in since they have dealt with that in the past thanks to their long history in console/portable gaming.


“Sony is of course a very strong brand, and why shouldn’t we use that?” Mr. Nordberg asked. “Gaming, including content, is a very interesting proposition.”

While all the answers seem vague at best, the fact that they know about the speculation going around as well as no real denial that the device actually exists speaks volumes. One day, someone will just come right out an say ‘Yes, there is a device in the works, it will kick ass’, sort of how we are just waiting on Epic to just announce Unreal Engine 3 supports Android officially. Unofficially it already does, people just hate putting their name on something official.

However, the idea of this being debuted at the Mobile World Congress in 2011 is a very very pleasing thought.

Website Referenced: Wall Street Journal (Pictures via Engadget)

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