New Minecraft style game, Steincraft, now available on the Android Market

When Minecraft started to get really big for the PC, similar style games started to appear on the PC and other platforms. The same can be said for Android now as first we had MineBuilder and now we have Steincraft which looks pretty good already.

As with any sort of Minecraft style game available on Android, the game is steadily being developed so there may be a few issues that arise. Consider it a bit of a beta but more complete than one. In Steincraft you pretty much have everything you can do in creative mode in Minecraft. You can dig, replace blocks, build structures and of course do some mining.


  • Procedurally generated terrain.
  • Simple lighting and shadows.
  • Clouds and sea surrounding the worlds.
  • Digging and placing new blocks.
  • Desktop version (Win32:
  • TNT (Explosives)



If you read the features above, yes they do have a desktop version to play as well which is actually a neat idea. The developer does have a slew of updates and new features coming to the game soon such as multiplayer, crafting (no crafting in game just yet), and things like pigs and carts. If you are into trying out Minecraft style games then you may want to check this one out. There is a free lite version you can try and a full paid version for $0.99.

Tip: Be sure to read the description on the Android Market as it contains some useful instructions on how to control and play Steincraft

Developer Website: Andre Schnabel

Android Market Link: Steincraft

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