NEW Morphite Trailer Shows Off 2 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Publisher Crescent Moon and developer We’re Five Games’ highly anticipated upcoming first-person, action-exploration game Morphite gets a full two minutes of new footage with this new trailer.

Morphite is the story of Myrah Kale.  She, along with her drone Kitcat, will traverse 8 core planets over 15 levels in a 3D Metroidvania type game.  Though there will be a main storyline to follow, of which no details have yet been released, players will be encouraged to explore the universe and expand their tools in order to open more and more areas as the game progresses.

The developers have said that filling out the rest of the game will be up to about 500 planets worth of procedurally generated locations, all full of their own distinct atmospheres and ever-changing flora and fauna. In addition to planets, other locations players may discover will range from derelict space stations to alien temples, and the game will offer many secrets scattered across the galaxies.

Morphite is shaping up to be a truly epic sci fi adventure all contained in a pocket-sized universe.  It is set to arrive on mobile devices in early 2017 at an estimated cost of $4.99.

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