New Characters And Skins Coming March 7 To Neural Cloud With Carnival: Inverted Mordent Resonance

The featured image for our Neural Cloud New Event article, featuring one of the new skins for the character Hatsuchiri.

The official YouTube channel for Neural Cloud has released a new preview for the upcoming event, Carnival: Inverted Mordent Resonance. The event releases on March 7, and will bring new characters and skins to the game.

Neural Cloud takes place in a virtual world where humanity has abandoned the female constructs known as Dolls. You, the Professor, are the only one who has stayed by their side, and now you must lead them in uncovering the truth of the world.

Carnival: Inverted Mordent Resonance

The new trailer has revealed a little of what will appear in the Carnival: Inverted Mordent event, without giving away too much. So far we know that there are two new characters, along with some new character skins.

Nascita is one of the new characters. She’s got three stars, wears a purple combat suit, and has the “warrior” tag. The other new character the preview reveals is Puzzle, who has giant bat wings and the “specialist” tag. Like Nascita, Puzzle is also three stars.

The new skins seem to be celebrating the Carnival event. Persicaria has a new skin titled “Mocha Chorus”, which is coloured in a black/red palette.

Aki has an outgoing, yet relaxed skin titled “Whistling Sunday”, which features a lime green coat.

Nanaka has a new skin titled “Iris-Coloured Holiday”, which is made up of colours that match the plant.

Last, but not least, is Hatsuchiri, who has a new skin called “Cotton Candy Kiss”. The outfit has to be the most relaxed of the new skins, featuring a beige colour scheme.

In the preview’s video description on YouTube, Sunborn Japan reveal that the event will drop on March 7.

New Event Hype

We took to the YouTube comment section of the preview to gauge the fan reaction. So far, the mood is fairly positive, and we picked a few highlights.

One user, @VelvetMagician, writes “I cannot express enough how awesome these announcements are! Love that my dear Hatsuchiri has a skin and Persicaria got a great one too!”

Another user, @bejaminlerner8867, has expressed their eagerness for the new event, writing “I stopped to play the game because of time but this makes me excited to play again!!! Looks AWESOME!”

It’s fair to say that the new event has fans hyped!

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