New port of open source FreeCiv game now available for Android.

Way back in March of this year we reported on a FreeCiv project aimed at bringing the open source project over to Android. There is a new port now available from another developer that seems to be running pretty awesomely actually on Android devices.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with FreeCiv, it’s an open source project which is aiming to recreate the Civilization 2 game for PC. There have been a few developers who have tried to bring this over to Android devices with some amount of success. This new port, however, seems to be doing the job better than normal and is currently being updated and developed on a fairly regular basis.


Current Features:

  • Map, moving units
  • Selecting units
  • City screen, changing production
  • Adjusting research goal¬†
  • Changing taxes
  • Improved user interface
  • Changing government
  • Year counter
  • Auto update
  • Initial diplomacy support
  • Improved scroll speed
  • Added feedback


If you’ve been waiting to play Civilization in any capacity on your Android device, you will want to check this new port out. Development seems pretty steady so far on it while the previous port we reported on seems to have died or at least been put on hold. You can grab the .APK file from the developers website linked below should you want to give this a whirl. Of course, it’s still being developed so you may encounter a bug or two.

Thanks to Justapp for the tip!

Developer Website: zielmicha (FreeCiv Forum Thread)

Download: FreeCiv for Android

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