New PUBG: New State Trailer Showcases Erangel and Team Deathmatch

We’re pretty much exactly a week away from the global launch of PUBG: New State, and Krafton has just released a new trailer that shows off some of the changes you can expect in the game’s map.

The trailer also showcases a brand new mode that’s coming to the game – team deathmatch. This is a 4v4 scrap to the death that takes place on a brand new map called Station. Which is pretty exciting.

It’s good to see that New State isn’t just resting on its battle royale laurels and is throwing some new ideas into the mix. Here’s the trailer so you can have a gander yourself.

Looks pretty good. The changes to Erangel reflect the futuristic setting of New State – the action takes place in 2051, which by our reckoning is 30 years in the future. Math.

You can check out the official PUBG: New State website for even more information on the game. There’s loads of videos, story background and more.

If you’re not one of the countless millions who’ve already pre-registered for PUBG: New State, you can click here to do that on the Play Store. Expect more videos in the next seven days leading up to the game’s launch.

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