New puzzle game called Psychoban now available. Brings along some great visuals.

There’s a new puzzle game on the block called Psychoban which, if you fail at Sokoban games like I do half the time, really does make you Psycho. However, Psychoban not only builds on the whole Sokoban puzzle game, it brings with it some pretty nice looking visuals to bring more depth to the game.

While being a Sokoban game at heart, the feel of adventure and the visuals makes it feel like much more than that. It also makes me sounds like I’m writing a review for it already. Psychoban comes with 60 levels for you to play through with your main character Metal Dude, each harder than the last.



  • Brain-scrambling puzzles: Psychoban takes you through an entirely new dimension of puzzle-adventure experience, as you must make your way through actual 3D challenges. A non-stop concatenation of challenges, hilarious situations and gorgeous visuals will squeeze you out of any remnants of sanity.
  • Insanely seamless interface: No virtual key-pads! An unique character control system, absolutely natural to the Android interface, allows for an easy and hands-on playability. You tell Mental Dude what you want him to do, and he does it!
  • Deranged settings and environments: Make your way through five of the world´s creepiest mental asylums, and become a part of their gruesome, gore-stained history.
  • Mad quantities of levels: Sixty levels of concentrated challenge-packed puzzles will keep you hooked-in to the last second!
  • Alienating, comedy-driven story: Join the adventure of Mental Dude, his quest for freedom, survival… and a grip to reality.
  • Leaderboards and achievements supported via OpenFeint
  • Awesome unlockeables!
  • Lunacy guaranteed!



It’s good to know that when I lose my sanity playing another Sokoban game, albeit a fun looking one, that I can blame the developers, Dedalord, since they guarantee lunacy as a feature. There is one requirement though for you to play Psychoban and that is it only supports these resolutions: 800 x 480, 854 x 480, 1024 x 600. You can pick up Pyschoban off the Android Market for free which is always a nice surprise. Expect a full review of Psychoban to arrive shortly.

Developer Website: Dedalord

Android Market Link: Psychoban

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