New side-scrolling action game J.J. Rockets arrives courtesy of Mega Man’s creator

A new side-scrolling action game has arrived on Android from the creator of Capcom’s hit platformer series Mega Man called J.J. Rockets. This game, which looks like it takes a lot of influence from Mega Man which isn’t surprising, has you playing as the President of the United States who puts on a costume and becomes a superhero when the need arises.

By President of the United States we mean the in-game one, not the actual current President Obama. Still, you’ll be wearing a snazzy latex suit and heading out to defend the country against the evil forces trying to cause havoc. The game plays out much like Mega Man does with it’s side-scrolling action but the levels are much shorter, giving you a total of three minutes to run your ass through each stage, get to the boss at the end of the stage and defeat them. A little more hectic than Mega Man.

As pretty entertaining as this may sound, there is a bit of bad news regarding this game. As of right now it is only available in Japan and runs through Mobage. This means that even if you use a program like Market Unlocker, you will still need to have a Japanese Mobage account to play the game. For those of you who do have that, or live in Japan, you can download the game for free off of the Google Play store and yes, it is supported with in-game purchases for extra items.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Google Play Link: J.J. Rockets

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