New social gaming app ImGame launches, supports cross-platform check-ins

A new social gaming platform application has been released today onto Google Play called ImGame. Developed by ImGame LLC, this application does something that, for the most part, most other social gaming applications don’t do and that is allows cross-platform checking in and online notifications.

The best way to describe ImGame would be to compare it to something like Raptr for PC games or Xbox Live social features like friends lists. What really makes ImGame interesting is the fact that it supports multiple platforms, not just Android. Users will be able to check into games and have their friends notified when they are online when they start playing games on Nintendo, PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Arcade, Mobile games and so on.

ImGame Features:

• Check-in to games across Nintendo, PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Arcade, Mobile games and more!
• See real time activity of friends playing, game details and current players.
• Share your activity on Facebook and Twitter with check-in activity announcements.
• Check-In Activity Wall allows you to comment and engage with other players in real time. From leaving tips/tricks and solving secrets to game recommendations and helpful discussions.
• Collect custom tokens from players like you for checking in to games, launch events, app achievements and other special events throughout the entire network.
• Earn points, unlock extras and ‘Real TIme Rewards’ (RTR) just for playing.
• Build and share your game library, explore others game history and find new games.

As you check into games you will also earn tokens that you can use to purchase different titles. The more games you check into, the more tokens you earn. Of course there is the standard social media activity sharing where you can share what you’re doing to your friends across Facebook and Twitter. As their Google Play description states, ImGame supports all genres of games, all platforms and especially indie game developers which is great for those indie developers hoping to get a little extra exposure.

For those of you interested in checking out ImGame, you can download this application off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: ImGame


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