New Star Manager is out right now on Android

New Star Manager Android

Though it launched a few weeks back on iOS, New Star Manager is out right now on Android. This is definitely a case of better late than never.

Just like New Star Soccer before it, you rise through the ranks of football from the bottom to the very top. The difference here though is that you’re a manager, rather than a player.

Manager a team from zero to hero in New Star Manager

That leads to an unprecedented level of depth. You’ll take charge of every aspect of your team from transfers to stadium upgrades as you strive to climb the ranks.

Not only will you set team tactics, you’ll also handle off-pitch drama by pulling a team member in for a meeting or navigating a difficult press conference. It’s all here.

So whether you love football or management sims, this is a game you absolutely need in your life. Grab New Star Manager on Google Play right now.

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