New Title From Dadish Dev is A Delightful Word Game

You’ve played Dadish, right? The adorable pixelart 2D platformer about a dad radish relying on fast reactions and sometimes pixel perfect jumps? Well the new game from its developer, Thomas K Young, is nothing like that. Not even close.

What Is It?

It’s a word game, and it’s called Molecano. And although this choice of genre is unexpected from the developer, what isn’t unexpected is how dang charming it is.

It sees you faced with small grids to negotiate Molene across, with the primary aim to grab all the food scattered across them.

To do this you have to utilise the wheel at the bottom of the screen that has six letters. These letters can be combined in various ways to build platforms for Molene to walk across. You have to stack the words across each other like they’re in a mini crossword puzzle in order to grab all the items.

Sounds fun!

It is fun! And although it’s incredibly simple – a bit like Dadish we suppose – the presentation is absolutely spot on. The way Molene saunters across the platforms, the boppy soundtrack – it’s all so lovely.

Then there are little extra touches such as a stack of unlockable characters to nab via coins you earn from levels, including Dadish himself. We’ve not managed to get him yet ourselves, 200 coins is a lot. We’ll get there though.

Even vegetarians are catered for, with an option in the menus to make all the collectibles fruit and veg if you wish – instead of juicy pork chops.

Molecano is free to download and is available on Google Play right now.

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