New Tower Defense game Toy Rush by Uber Entertainment is now available on Android

Tower Defense and Tower Offense games are something that Android has no shortage of. Every once in a while though, one will come along that looks like it’s been done right. Toy Rush, released by Uber Entertainment, looks to be one of those games.

The game revolves around the idea of toys being used to defend against other, invading toys. Many of the ideas that are enjoyed during youth, or historically associated with it, become tools for destruction. Bubble gum is used for floor traps, bottle rockets for projectiles, marbles become ammunition, cannons fire rubber bands, and the list goes on for the defensive side of things.

Toy Rush Features:

– 50 single-player missions
– Join clubs and build your own bases and defenses
– Attack! Obliterate tower defenses with projectile rainbows, explosive bombs, ground-splitting pounds, and hilarious kicks.
– Collect! Find and discover dozens of toys, including super rare toys like Chunk who deal massive damage (in between naps).
– Defend! Protect the path to your own clubhouse with rubber band launchers, marble shooters, and bottle rocket towers.
– Create! Draw your own pathways, mazes, and tower placements to keep friends and foes out of your base.
– Strategize! Use jacks and sticky gum traps to slow down your friends’ progress. And pair toys together for maximum damage and protection.
– Buff! Use special cards to heal, speed up, and make your toys stronger.
– Be Social! Chat, trade, and team up with your friends online.

On offense, there are lumbering beast like Sharks, Turtles, Robots, and more that penetrate the defenses. There’s a multiplayer component to this as well, where you can compete with friends, in addition to the 50 single-player missions involved. You can pick up a copy of Toy Rush off Google Play for free and yes it does contain IAPs.

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