New trailer shows off some gameplay for Zeptolab’s upcoming Pudding Monsters game

Last week Zeptolab, the developers of Cut The Rope, let the cat out of the bag about their next title which will also be a puzzle game called Pudding Monsters. When the announcement was made, we had a little teaser trailer which didn’t show us any of the gameplay that would come with the game. Now we get to see a little bit of it.

Each stage will have monsters spread around the level and you’ll have to move them around, and combine them into bigger ones, while taking advantage of objects around each level to accomplish this. There also looks to be different types of monsters with unique abilities you will have to master. You’ll move onto the next level once you’ve connected all the monsters together in each stage. The overall goal is to save a friend who has been kidnapped and to do this you’ll have to turn into the Ultra Monster.

As of right now, Pudding Monsters is slated for release onto Android on December 20th, 2012. More details will probably be released over the next few days as to how many levels there will be and information on monster’s skills.

Official Website: Pudding Monsters

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