New website dedicated to modding Grand Theft Auto III on Android

We figured this would end up happening sooner than later since there are websites dedicated to modding the PC version of Grand Theft Auto III. Now, however, there is one for modding the mobile version as well, both on Android and iOS.

The site was created by one of the more outspoken and involved people over on XDA named ThexJoker and is still fairly new, having launched almost the same time as the game did. There isn’t a whole lot of information over there considering how new it is but we did find a few gems to toy around with such as changing the radio station in-game to play your own MP3 files and a tweak to the control physics that provides some rather unique gameplay such as being able to drive up building walls.

If you are still modding your Grand Theft Auto III game on your Android device, you might want to check this site out and see what else you can do. Of course we will keep publishing modding information here as well. There are also plenty of resources over on the XDA-Forums as well. You can also send us any information and screenshots/instructions on the mods you use as well.

Website Referenced: GTA3MobileModding

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