Nexomon: Extinction Launching for Android at the End of the Month

Feel an overwhelming urge to capture all of them? Then you’re in luck, because Nexomon: Extinction is finally launching for Android at the end of the month.

The game, which has been out on PC and consoles since August last year, is the sequel to the original Nexomon and follows a similar pattern. That means it’s a monster collecting RPG set in a bright fantasy world that takes plenty of its cues from Pokemon.

There are 381 Nexomon to collect, spread across nine different elemental types. Expect powerful evolutions and a massive story as well. Here’s a trailer for the home version.

Nexomon: Extinction will be free to play when it launches, with IAP to unlock various things like storage upgrades and a master pass. And it’s set to land on September 30th.

You can click here to pre-register for the game on the Play Store. And if you want to find out more about the game, click here to visit the official Nexomon: Extinction website.

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